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This has been a time to reinvent ourselves so we wanted to get all of you on board, so that we can be on the same page. This will help the running and operations of our space smoothly and happily.


We at The Hive go to great lengths to make sure that the Hive parents are well informed and kept up to date about all that is going on in our space. Be it updates about your child's progress in class, changes in schedule, or important notices about the examinations. As we never wish to overload you with emails and messages, we make sure very crucial information is passed on.

Please read this information carefully and clarify your doubts with us as soon as you can. A message to confirm that you have received and understand our communication is ideal. If we don't hear back, we assume you understand and agree.

Apart from this communication, please read the terms and conditions that are on your sign-up sheets. It contains a lot more information than you imagine. ? All this is to help ease of process and make your Hive journey as smooth as possible.


While the Hive is a free space that encourages individuality and expression, we do have a few rules of operation in place. These can be applicable in life too.
At The Hive, we do not tolerate:
- Rudeness - Towards staff or students
- Lack of Punctuality
- Foul Language
- Stealing
- Physical Violence


We, as a team, choose to operate in a respectful and professional manner. Our minimum expectation is that people interact with us in the same way. Everyone who visits The Hive should operate with respect for each and every member of our team. Each member of our carefully curated team, brings to the table unique ability and talent. Therefore, each role is crucial and irreplaceable and demands equal respect.


The primary goal at The Hive is to keep our Little Bees happy always. Being on the same page as the team, will help keep their drama journeys as harmonious and smooth as possible. If you have doubts or questions, reach out to us. The team is here to answer your questions and clarify any misinformation.
Happy Drama!