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How is public speaking different from communication skills?

Public speaking and communications are not different per se, in that public speaking falls under the purview of communication skills. Among the various skills that children will learn while being enrolled in the communication skills programme, public speaking is just one of the abilities that they will develop in their time at The Hive. Refer to course information for more details here here

How old does my child have to be to join?

We accept enrolments for children starting at the age of 5 and all the way up to 18.

How is Speech and Drama different from Communication Skills?

Speech and Drama modules are designed to bring to life literary works by authors and poets from around the world. Students are taught how to interpret and convey the emotions and messages that the creators are trying to express through their pieces.

Communication Skills classes work around students presenting their own personal pieces. Apart from the skills required to speak in front of an audience, the focus remains largely on identifying personal interests, structuring ideas, writing the piece, and finally presenting in front of an audience.

Apart from public speaking training that includes articulation, enunciation and spoken word training, children are taught how to connect and engage with their audience and keep them interested and involved in their performances.

Which should I choose?

Which of the two modules you choose would depend on what you want to achieve and the individual needs and capabilities of the child. Given the learning goals of each, we generally recommend that we start out with a term or two in the Speech and Drama, before getting into the Communication Skills classes.

Communication Skills modules will help children structure their thoughts, and formulate and express their ideas. We usually enroll existing students of The Hive and the students who are at least 10 years old. Speech and Drama sets up a foundation for Communication Skills students, providing them with the basics of stage presence and building their comfort of being on stage before they move on to creating and presenting their own work.

What is the final outcome of the classes?

Needs dictate the outcome, but overall we have seen

Based on feedback from hundreds of parents and students over the years, we can attest to the fact that the one major change that takes place in students of the Hive, is a marked and sustained growth in the confidence of students here. Of course, this is an ongoing process, and each child evolves into the process as per their individual capabilities. Students are much more keen to take Initiative in their classes and school outside of the Hive with the help of their learning and experiences here.
Once children are able to over come and deal with their stage fright and initial nervousness for performing, they have a higher tendency to be forthcoming and willing to volunteer for jobs requiring leadership initiative. Students at the Hive are all Team players! In the way the classes are structured, students leave here with a deep understanding of collaboration and working together.
Growing used to the ever changing and dynamic style of drama and the stage, children are able to handle different kinds of situations and the changes in them almost effortlessly.
Students have displayed a marked improvement in their reading and language skills. Course work requires research and allows the children exposure to varied pieces of age-appropriate literature. The Hive Library is also open to all students enrolled with us, where they have access to some of the gold standards of English prose and poetry for children. With the exposure to these pieces of language and a sense of comfort wit the text, the hive has made readers and writers of many of our students!
Open Discussion driven exercises introduce our students to new perspectives and give them a handle on how to deal with opinions that may be different from their own.
One of the greatest take aways, and something that we have seen in all our students, is an ever increasing sense of empathy that develops as a fortunate side effect of being exposed to the arts in general and drama in particular. Working in groups with singular goals, requires and encourages the children to be in tune with their co-actors. Always being present and reacting to their cues. Needing to express themselves a lot of the time, also helps build an emotional vocabulary for the children. This remains a tool that is of tremendous value to them, throughout their lives.

How much do the marks matter?

The marking system is put in place more to aid the examiner in evaluating a performance, than for the student. Marks are always given along with detailed comments and pointers as to how the child has faired in the exam. It is not the be all and end all of this beautiful process.

While this is not the primary purpose of enrolling into these programmes, it is helpful in terms of giving direction and giving the children something tangible to work towards.

Is the Trinity College London Certificate useful?

Trinity College London is regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examination Regulations) in England. In the UK, Trinity's Grades 6-8 Communication Skills qualifications for individuals are eligible for UCAS (University and College Admissions Service) points for those applying to colleges and universities. See for more detailed information.

How will these classes benefit my child in the long run?

Skills like being able to effectively communicate, accurately express oneself, empathy, and compassion are sure to hold us in very good stead in the long run. These along with all the projected outcomes, as listed above, are lessons that can be useful to each of us. As adults as well.

My child is an introvert, will these classes help?

Yes!!! Everyone who joins The Hive, becomes a part of the Hive Family. The team and the students as well, all come together in support of each other. Our students especially rally around their new classmates as they navigate the classes and learn the ropes

My child has special needs, can they enroll?

We do have had actors and students at varied learning levels. We welcome anyone who has an interest in the performing arts. If you're unsure, come in to the studio with your child and have a chat with us. Whoever you are, The Hive is a place for you.

Why The Hive?

Fantastic children and a super dedicated team! You won't regret it!