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Hive at School

The Hive at Schools embeds drama lessons into main stream school curriculum for kids aged 4 - 15. It's a fun way of inculcating a taste for literature, getting a better grasp over communication skills and enhancing a performance skill set from an early stage. Our integrated drama lessons are designed to give kids an edge and a platform to express freely. Just as a Chemistry teacher is a must to teach Chemistry, a Speech and Drama teacher is a must to build a safe space for expression and performance.

We work during school hours, and match our teaching curriculum and techniques to the schools' outcome expectations and end goals.

Drama is an essential tool for personality development. With integrated drama lessons from the Hive, students and teachers have noticed:

  • A remarkable improvement in reading and participation skills (Especially with Kindergarten Students)
  • Improvement in speech and stage presence where children can perform solo or in group drama on stage (Gr. 4 - 8)
  • Reduced stage fright
  • Increased confidence when speaking in public

Hive After-School Programs

The Hive runs afterschool programs at schools where kids are trained for solo and group performances and can appear for Trinity College of London Drama Exams through The Hive.

The sessions run side-by-side with regular school terms where the after-school drama program is offered as an extracurricular activity that parents and students can opt for. The classes are conducted after school hours and usually within the school premise.

Our Speech and Drama teachers train the kids as per the Trinity Drama guidelines, preparing them for certain forms of performance in certain hours as per the drama grade the child is appearing for.

The Exam / performance happens at the Hive headquarters in Bur Dubai and is graded by an examiner coming from the UK. The student receives their report cards and certificates from the Trinity College of London which are highly accredited and add a sense of achievement to the students' drama journey.

We recommend the Trinity College of London Drama exams because it's an assessment of performance skills by a third person whom the child doesn't know. And just to go into that room and perform with confidence can be a liberating experience for a young performer.