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A look back at all the amazing things we have managed to pull off at The Hive and a peek at what's coming up too!


2022 Hive Theatre Festival - Dear Evan Hansen

Drama, lies and tears welcome to the teenage years. The Hive Theater Festival brings to you an adaptation of the Internationally acclaimed, multiple award winning broadway play, Dear Evan Hansen! This play acknowledges the teenage heart's condition while shedding light on the fragility of the anxiety ridden soul. This is the kind of theater that moves and transforms and heals.

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The Hive at, JLT

The Hive recently found a second home at The Dome Towers, JLT. The space embodies everything we are, bright, brilliant and breathtaking! We currently have classes running here throughout the week, including weekends. For more information contact us!

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2022 Hive Theatre Festival (Roald Dahl)

CRAYOLA presents The Hive Theatre Festival ‘22 powered by The Hive: 22 shows, 5 plays, for free, for kids, by kids! A smashing success with its spectacular line-up of some of history’s all time favorites. It consisted of a Roald Dahl festival with theater adaptations of Enormous Crocodile, James and The Giant Peach, The Witches and Matilda, all being showcased in what went on to be UAE’s largest children’s festival in the region. Held at the Zabeel Ladies Club, the young actors could not have asked for a better stage!

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Quarantined For What Feels Like A Lifetime

Screening of 'Quarantined For What Feels Like A Lifetime' & ‘Hello Hello’ on the silver screen of VOX Cinemas. A sensory friendly experience, a CSR initiative by the VOX. Films that were made in 2020 & 2021, By Alba Rose, Powered by The Hive. Both films stars an all star Determined star cast. The goal is to represent People Of Determination in the way they want to be represented. The work is minimalist and is meant to empower, inspire, educate & sensitize.

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Unlisted (2021 Festival)

UNLISTED, A brutal list comes out. Ratings - who is the hottest, most popular girl in school? Who isn't? A disappearance. A frantic search. A desire to change things from the inside out UnListed is a devised performance by the teenagers of The Hive, directed by Deepika Arwind in which they invite you into their social reality, outside of academics and marks. Abundant with music and spoken verse, UnListed is the story of these incredible teenagers who bring their concerns, questions and vulnerabilities around this culture of rating, so you can experience their lives for a little while. The Hive Drama Fest 2021!

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Final Solutions (2021 Festival)

Our senior production FINAL SOLUTIONS is a powerful Indian English play written by Mahesh Dattani. It challenges beliefs, prejudices and history through the life of characters from three generations amidst unrest in the city. When forced to face their biases, the family's well-kept secrets tumble out of the closet, shattering relationships and their notion of reality. The play is contemporary and relevant today. It interlayers the present with the past and gets to the core of hatred. This thought-provoking play was the last play of our The Hive Drama Fest 2021!

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Scenes From Quarantine 2020 – Youtube

The hive presents, A virtual play, directed on zoom and shot at home. We had other plans for our annual play - then Covid happened - and WE were packed inside our houses. But that did not stop us. Like creative people should, we embraced the limitations, took a swerve in the road and created this instead!!! Starring the SENIOR bees of The hive, Arnav, Aditi, Aryan, Smritti, Rashi, Ishita, Hrishikesh, Zahaan, Sharanya, Riya, Aaditya, & Kalidas. Edited & Scripted by - Alba Rose Quadros Directed By - Huda Bhaldar, Malavika Varadan & Alba Rose Quadros

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Under a single light

In the thick of the pandemic, we were made to move our devising process to the fluorescents of a laptop. Streets were empty and a single light sone above us all in our own 4 walls, thus Under A Single Light was born. With the prospect of a stage performance snatched away from us we decided to shift our ideas to THE MOST relevant theme at the time- Covid. 6 of our senior students began writing monologues and pieces of prose about situations they were seeing around them; sick family members, overworked healthcare workers, experiencing death, and just being stuck in general. As our theater kids began to explore a new medium of expression: writing, we navigated through this bizarre experience by channeling these new emotions into this project. Eventually, after months of editing and rehearsing all through the choppy waters that were our home wifis and laptop screens, we found an opening, a relaxation of rules. We called in a trusted professional videographer and had these pieces recorded. Making lemonade out of lemons, our kids were able to dip their feet in new waters like writing and acting for a camera rather than on stage, teaching new things to us all and giving us an amazing experience to go away with, AND 11 incredible monologues now available on The Hive youtube channel.

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-17 students died at a school shooting on Valentine's Day,2018. -Because an 18 year old with a gun walked onto the campus and decided to shoot. What followed was outrage, anger and a revolution led by a bunch of teenagers, 17 year olds, who stood up to authorities and asked a whole nation for answers. This tragic, inspirational news story is the central theme of our 17 minute play. - A festival of 7 short plays of 30 minutes each! Bring the kids, bring friends, bring family and be a part of our laugh riot!

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- We have been working super hard on The Hive Comedy Festival. A festival of 7 short plays of 45 minutes each!
- Bring the kids, bring friends, bring family and be a part of our laugh riot!
- Good luck kiddos! And audience, get ready to LOL!
- 12th and 13th December, 2019
- Thursday and Friday!

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- Preteens and teens. Always on their phones, correct?
- Well, not this summer.
- This summer these kids abandoned their devices and instead took to movement and theatre, dance and drama, music and poetry to express how they felt about their phones.
- An honest 2 way conversation.
- A dance drama.
- A story about a generation who was introduced to phones before they could speak. Or walk.

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- 59 of our drama students will spend next weekend bringing this story to life.
- Matilda by Roald Dahl was always one of our favourite books - 30 years ago, Dahl created a story that little girls would be inspired by, forever.
- Because it told us that girls can be smart and naughty and can stand up for the ones they love and the people they believe in.
- Because it made us fall in love with Ms Honey, the quiet, kind teacher who found her voice because a little child reminded her that she had one.
- And because it gave us the greatest female villain in history - Ms. Trunchbull.

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- Based on the popular Bollywood children's film "Makdee", our summer dance drama production camp The Witch's Web, is full of the heebie-jeebies and the jollies of a spooky mood horror comedy with a burst of colourful characters and creatures.
- In association with the awesome Avega Dance Creations, the summer camp is going to entice kids in the web of a blue-skinned witch who loves to sink her teeth into sticky toffee.

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The Hive's 3rd Annual Showcase Production was staged on 1st June 2018 at The Junction. Directed by Jimish Thakkar, The Unfortunate Orphans was based on children's novels by Lemony Snicket. The production was graded by Trinity College London.

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-A unique Dance-Theatre production crafted to hone and channelize talent steeped in Dubai's child actors and dancers. The show is conceptualised by The Hive in collaboration with Avega Dance Creations.
- The theatrical tells the story of three friends discovering themselves and unravelling their identities while sandwiched in a high-pressure education system.

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The Hive's 2nd Annual Showcase Production was staged on 2nd June 2017. The Boy who lived was based on 7 of the most well loved Harry Potter Books.

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- The Miracle Worker narrates the story of Helen Keller and her tenacious teacher, Annie Sullivan, who with her hope and perseverance unlocked the silence and darkness of a lost girl and gave her the life no one could have imagined.
- "The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart"
- Annie Sullivan's love, faith and dedication transform little stubborn Helen from a wild, flickering candle to a shimmering beacon of hope for the world.

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The Hive's First Annual Showcase Production was staged on 3rd June 2016. The Adventures of Indiana is based on the exploits of everyone's favorite archaeologist Dr. Henry Indiana Jones. The 2 act play enacts the best of the 4 Indiana Jones movies - Raiders of Lost Ark , Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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