The Hive has been operating in the corporate space for over a year now. We have been involved in designing customized products based completely on our client's requirements. We are working on training people within the corporate structure to use dramatization techniques and help them integrate it into their company's culture. Through specifically curated dramatisations, as created for clients such as ENBD, senior members of the leadership were able to experience on the ground customer service interactions which would have otherwise reached them as nothing more than spreadsheets.

Our team has conducted workshops on storytelling as a tool for making presentations in the workplace. We strive to show how even the presentation of bare bones data can be enhanced, using the basic skills of storytelling and well developed speaking skills.

We hope to include this and many other communication driven exercises into our comprehensive corporate training modules. We find that, dramatization can be a highly useful and influential tool when used to get a very particular message across. Our team has the expertise to customise and create dramatisations for corporate audiences. Working with sample scenarios as presented to us by the company, we create these scripts and then direct a team to perform for the necessary audience. Actors may be from within the company or brought in from outside.

Other than group based activities, we offer the options of individual, one on one classes as well as much more specific and immersive Masterclasses in Communication Skills. These could range from 5 to 10 day individual modules, to 2 week to 3 month modules for specifically chosen groups.

We imagine that newly selected senior management, who will be required to make crucial presentations, or even a group of highly motivated executives on the fast track to senior leadership would benefit from these programmes.

Are you unsure of what your company needs? Our team can come in and help you evaluate your needs and draw up a plan of action as well.

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The Hive at Schools embeds drama lessons into main stream school curriculum for kids aged 4 - 15


The Hive has been operating in the corporate space for over a year now. We have been involved


In addition to the individual training that students take part in the Plays in Production modules